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Troubleshooting a Faulty Heating System

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Heating systems are essential for keeping our homes comfortable during the colder months. But when they break down, it can be a real inconvenience. This blog post will cover common signs of trouble with the unit, the common problems themselves, and how to troubleshoot them.

Signs It’s Time For Heater Repair in Syosset, NY

No one enjoys dealing with a broken heater, especially in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, heater repairs are sometimes necessary to keep your family warm and comfortable. But how can you tell it’s time for heater repair? Keep an eye out for these key signs: 

1. The heater won’t turn on. 

Unless you’ve run out of fuel or there’s no electricity to power your unit, a heater that’s not turning on can indicate it’s time for repair. Your heater may not turn on if the pilot light is out, the igniter is broken, or there’s an issue with the thermostat.

2. Your energy bills are suddenly skyrocketing. 

Some problems with the heating system compromise the unit’s efficiency, causing the utility or energy bills to skyrocket. So a sudden spike in your energy bills with no obvious explanation can be taken as a sign that your heater is malfunctioning and needs heater repair in Syosset, NY. But it’s also possible that the inefficiency is due to poor insulation or other factors in your home, so be sure to have a professional take a look to be sure.

3. You hear strange noises coming from your heater. 

Banging, popping, squealing, and any other strange sounds coming from the heater shouldn’t be ignored. These noises often are a result of loose parts or failing components and if left unchecked could lead to more serious problems down the road.

4. Your home isn’t as warm as it used to be. 

A heating system may start having trouble keeping up with your heating demand if it has a gas or an electrical issue, a clogged filter, or something wrong with the blower. So don’t just layer up clothes or look for alternatives to stay warm – call an expert in heater repair in Syosset, NY.

5. Uneven heating 

Is the kitchen colder than the living room? Do you have to keep adjusting the thermostat to make the temperature comfortable in different parts of your home? Uneven heating can be a sign that your heater is having trouble circulating air properly. This could be due to a clogged filter, a closed or blocked register, or a variety of other issues.

6. Visible signs of damage.

If you can see signs of physical damage on your heater, it’s time to call a licensed company offering heater repair in Syosset, NY. Water leaks, for example, can cause extensive damage not only to the unit itself but also to the surrounding area. And if you see any exposed wiring, that’s an electrocution hazard and should be addressed immediately.

6. Odd smells are coming from your heater. 

The smell of gas, which is typically like rotten egg or sulfur, isn’t the only weird odor indicating an issue with the heating system. The unit may also emit musty, burning, or metallic smells. If you notice any of these odors, it’s important to shut off the heater right away and call a professional for help.

These are just general signs of problems with the heating system.  If you notice any of these issues with your unit, or if it’s just been a while since your heater was serviced, contact a licensed and trusted heater repair company in Syosset, NY.

Common Heater Problems

The signs mentioned above should prompt you to call a professional for heater repairs. But what are some of the most common problems they’ll be looking for? Here are a few of the issues we see most often:

1. Dirty filters. 

Your heater has filters that screen out debris and keep the air flowing freely. But over time, they can get clogged with dirt and dust, restricting airflow and making your heater work harder. This reduces its efficiency and can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

2. Pilot light issues.

Pilot lights develop problems from time to time. They can become extinguished by drafts, clogged with soot, or wear out. When this happens, your heater won’t be able to produce heat. 

3. Thermostat problems. 

If your heater turns on and off frequently, it could be a sign that your thermostat is faulty. Dust and dirt can also interfere with its sensors and cause them to give inaccurate readings. As a result, your heater will either cycle too often or not enough, both of which take a toll on its efficiency and lifespan.

4. Electrical issues. 

Even gas-powered furnaces need electricity to ignite the pilot light and circulate air. Therefore, heating systems also encounter electrical issues.  Everything from loose wires to tripped breakers can cause your heater to malfunction. Always let a heater repair professional in Syosset, NY handle this problem.

5.  Leaks. 

There are two types of leaks that can occur in your heater- gas, and water. Gas leaks are serious because they pose a fire hazard, so it’s important to call a professional right away if you suspect one. Water leaks aren’t as dangerous but can still damage your home and lead to costly repairs.

A heating system can encounter issues aside from the ones listed. If you’re having problems with your heater, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

When a heating system stops working, it does not necessarily mean it has given up on you and needs replacement. Unless the unit is old, more often than not, heating issues are caused by simple things you can fix yourself. Before you call in the troops, here are some troubleshooting tips for your malfunctioning heating system:

1. Check the thermostat

A thermostat that’s not set correctly is one of the most common reasons a heating system stops working. Check that the thermostat is turned on and set it to “heat” mode, then set it to your desired temperature. If it is still not working, check the batteries to see if they need replacing. If your model does not use batteries, perhaps the power cord is loose.

2. Check the filter

A clogged filter will prevent warmed air from circulating through your ductwork and into your home. Almost all forced-air heating systems have filters that need to be replaced regularly – at least once every three months.

3. Check the power source

If the heating system is not receiving power, it will not be able to heat your home. Check if there is a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If so, reset the breaker or replace the fuse and try again.

4. Clean your vents and registers

If you have a central heating system, make sure nothing is blocking your vents and registers. These are the openings that allow heated air to enter your rooms. If they are blocked by furniture or rugs, your rooms will not heat up properly.

5. Check for a gas leak

Check for leaks in the fuel line if you have a gas furnace. A hissing sound or the smell of sulfur in the air indicates a leak. Do not attempt to fix this problem yourself! Turn off your furnace and call your gas company or a heater repair contractor in Syosset, NY right away.

6. Check the pilot light.

If your furnace uses a pilot light to ignite the gas, make sure it is lit. If it is not, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to relight it. (Do not attempt to do this if you do not feel comfortable doing so or if you cannot find your manual. Call a professional instead.)

7. Check for debris around your outdoor unit

If you have a heat pump, check to see if there is any debris around your outdoor unit. Debris can build up over time and prevent your system from working properly. Remove any leaves, twigs, or dirt that may be blocking the airflow.

For complex issues, always call a heater repair company in Syosset, NY. Do not attempt to fix anything yourself if you are not comfortable or familiar with the task.  Choosing to DIY the repair is likely to do more harm than good.

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