Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor
Because you deserve to get the most of your hard-earned money, you have to find the most reliable company to deal with your HVAC needs professionally. But with hundreds of good options out there, it might be difficult to choose the right heating and cooling contractor in Copiague, NY. No worries! We’ve gathered the top questions to ask potential HAVC companies to help you make the right choice.
  • Is the company certified and licensed?

First off – you have to look for an HVAC company that is licensed and certified. A trustworthy HVAC contractor is a group of professionals who underwent screenings and training to obtain its license. Be sure that they are certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and NATE to give you guarantees that the company is legal and reliable to work with.
  • What type of services do you offer?

A good HVAC contractor offers a comprehensive or full package of heating and cooling services from repair, installation to maintenance. Don’t hesitate to ask them everything about the services they offer, including necessary information like the warranty and price.
  • Is a preventive maintenance plan included in the contract?

You should know if the company offers a preventive maintenance plan or not. Why? It’s because preventive maintenance is essential for keeping your system at optimal performance and efficiency over the years. Be aware of what is and not stated or included in the quote that they offer.
  • How long have you been in the HVAC industry?

A business with years or decades of experience in the industry is always a better choice than start-up ones. A reputable HVAC company is one that has earned years of knowledge and expertise in various makes and models of heating and cooling equipment. So, when shopping for a trusted and reputable contractor, always consider their length of service.
  • Do you offer financing?

Having your A/C repaired can be as pricey as getting a new one. This is why it’s important to get an HVAC company that provides financing options to fund your new system. With a financed heating or air conditioning system, you don’t have to worry about monthly bills and other payments involved.

Reputable HVAC Contractor in Copiague, NY

When it comes to your HVAC needs, it’s never a good idea to settle for a low-class contactor. Fortunately, All Weather Temperature Control, Inc., has all the qualifications you’re looking for. We are a licensed HVAC contractor, serving Copiague, NY and neighboring areas for many years now. For your heating and cooling needs, feel free to contact us.

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