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Tips to Prepare Your HVAC System for a Holiday Vacation

Tips to Prepare Your HVAC System for a Holiday Vacation
The Christmas season is the perfect time for you to go out-of-town and enjoy some winter trips with your loved ones. But as you make yourself busy filling in your list with thrilling activities, don’t forget your HVAC system that will be left alone in your home. The holiday is great, but it is also the time for weather-related disasters and other not-so-merry happenings. So, keep your home and HVAC system safe during your holiday vacation with these tips:

Don’t Turn Off Your HVAC Completely

It might make sense to turn off your unit completely since no one is at home to enjoy the heat. The truth is, it’s not a good idea. Low humidity combined with hot and cold spots can damage your home and the objects inside it. So instead of turning off your unit completely, lower your thermostat to keep your space warm, and protect your valuable belongings.

Mind Your Christmas Decorations

Your unit is on, and your Christmas decorations are blocking the vent. Will it cause poor airflow and increase your utility bills? Definitely, YES! Blocked air vent can impede the air to get in your home properly. Not only does it cause stress to your unit, but it also increases your energy bills with poor heating performance. Before you get out of your door for a weekend vacation, check your decorations first and make sure they’re not causing any trouble to your heating system.

Seal the Gaps and Cracks

You are bound to pay high utility bills when your home is filled with cracks and gaps. It’s quite frustrating to know that you’re paying a considerable amount of money for the heated air that just leaks out. Go around your home and check these gaps. Your doors and windows, as well as your ducts,  are the common places where the gaps and cracks form. Seal the leaks using a professional sealant for a guaranteed result.

Get an HVAC System Inspection

You might want to have a warm return after a tiring vacation, right? Come on, who doesn’t want that? To ensure your unit works at its best at all times, be sure to schedule a system inspection with the pros. Have them spot and fix the issues that might impact your comfort after the holiday break. Have a worry-free holiday vacation with these helpful tips. Contact us at All Weather Temperature Control for all your HVAC concerns this coming holiday season.

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