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Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioning Unit for Storms

Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioning Unit for Storms
The summer in Copiague, NY, is hot and sticky, and having a functioning air conditioner makes the season bearable. While air conditioners bring immediate comfort during the hot days, their proper function will be affected when the damaging storm arrives. Here are the steps on how you can prepare your air conditioning unit for the storms:

STEP 1: Cool Your Home In Advance

Pre-cool your home if you need to turn off your unit later, or you are positive that the power will be interrupted by the bad weather. Set your thermostat a bit higher than the standard setting, keep all openings of your home closed, and close blinds and curtains to keep the cool air in. These steps will help you and your family stay comfortable until the electricity in your area is restored or the storm is over.

STEP 2: Turn Off Your A/C Electricity

Storms often come with lightning, and the strike can create electrical surges that can damage your unit. Also, debris could get stuck in the outdoor unit and possibly burn out your motor. Be sure to shut off your unit’s power system to avoid electrical damages. Also, turn off the power from your circuit breaker and thermostat.

STEP 3: Put a Sturdy Covering on Your Outdoor Unit

Although outdoor units are built to endure harsh weather conditions like the extreme heat and cold, the unexpected hurricane is a different story. High winds that come with a storm can knock down large branches of trees and other heavy materials that can damage your unit. So after you turn your air conditioning off, place a sturdy covering like plywood or house it in a metal covering for optimum protection.

STEP 4: Check for Damage before Turning Your Unit Back On

Assess the possible damages that the storm brought on before turning on your unit back. Flying debris or flooding could damage your unit, and turning it on could worsen the issue. A refrigerant leak can also happen due to disconnection within the unit. If you’re unsure, contact an air conditioning company in Copiague, NY, for a better unit assessment.

STEP 5: Ask for Professional Help

The fastest approach to know the current condition of your unit is to call the pros. They can check the damages, repair them, and recommend some tips on how you can prepare your unit for the next storm attack. They will simply make sure that your unit will operate again in safe and efficient condition. Did you find these steps helpful? Feel free to share them with your family and friends on social media. Contact us at All Weather Temperature Control if you need more cooling tips or you wish to schedule an A/C repair in Copiague, NY.

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