Industry-Certified Ductless Systems
for Guaranteed Comfort


Ducteless Unit

Whether you live in a house without ductwork or you simply want to achieve better control of your indoor temperature, our ductless systems are right for you.


At All Weather Temperature Control, we offer single-zone and multi-zone systems that guarantee effective heating and cooling all year round. These systems are known for their quiet and efficient operations.


Make your room more comfortable with our single-zone systems. These systems consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit and are installed in one room using a ductless mini-split.


Ductless single-zone heating and cooling systems are installed, so your indoor unit can correspond to your outdoor compressor. Your outdoor compressor will then carry the power and refrigerant to your indoor unit using a small pipe that runs through a tiny opening. With single-zone systems, heating or cooling your room is made more efficient.


Equipped with easy integration features, multi-zone heating and cooling systems can help you maintain the right level of temperature from room to room, season to season.

Multi-zone systems divide your home space into four different zones. Using these systems, you can set different temperatures in each zone regardless of the comfort requirement and design of your home. Now you can completely configure the temperature in multiple rooms using our multi-zone systems.

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