Operating Noise Levels of an A/C: What Level Should be Comfortable for You?

Operating Noise Levels of an A/C: What Level Should be Comfortable for You?

The noise coming from your air conditioner is unavoidable but can be managed using different materials such as rubber and insulator. The loudness of the noise that your unit produces has something to do with the equipment’s design and specifications.

Where Does the Noise Come From?

Most air conditioners create noise from the two common sources: evaporator (located inside the house) and condenser (located outside the house). A typical condenser comprises the coil, fan, compressor, and expansion valve. As these parts wear out, the sound pressure increases through time. Among these, the compressor produces the highest level of noise due to the vibration pads. If the sound pressure is caused by mounting issues, it would be best to replace the compressor.

Meanwhile, the evaporator comprises the cooling coil, blower, air filters, and electronic control. Usually, the noise in the evaporator is produced by the fan, which is susceptible to dust and dirt. Over time, debris and other materials can interfere with the flow of air and movement of the fan blades. Thus, it is important to practice a regular cleaning of the air filters. Ask your HVAC technician to clean internal parts that are not accessible.

Sound Measurement

Different kinds of appliances produce different levels of sound waves. The strength of the sound will vary depending on your distance from the source. Usually, the sound pressure is taken approximately 3 feet from the appliance (source). The unit used for measuring sound is decibels (dB) or (dBA). A typical person can easily hear sound frequencies from 1kHz to 4kHz, which means anything beyond that can be deafening or irritating to the ear.        

What Noise Level Should Your Air Conditioner Have?

When buying an air conditioner, check first the noise level of the unit indicated on the product specifications. Make sure to get the specifications for both your indoor and outdoor unit to see if it suits your preferences.

An air conditioner that is designed intelligently to fit your comfort level should emit sound of more or less 34 to 39 decibels. A sound only becomes a noise once it exceeds the standard measurement. But, there are effective ways where you can minimize the noise coming from your air conditioner.

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