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Is your heating system having issues? Please don’t wait until it’s too late to get it repaired! Call All Weather Temperature Control. We’re experts in the field and have the experience and knowledge necessary to get your heating system back up and running in no time. You can count on us for reliable, affordable, professional heater repair in Lindenhurst, NY.

Heater Repair Lindenhurst NY

When to Call For A Heating Repair

Some people only call for a repair when their heating system quits working altogether. Their unit is pretty damaged by then, and the repair is quite costly. If you wait until your heater completely stops working, you’re looking at a fairly lengthy repair time as well. It’s much better to call for heating repair at the first sign of a problem. That way, the issue can be fixed before it wreacks havoc on your unit – and your wallet.

So, how can you tell when it’s time to call for heating repair? Here are a few signs to look out for:

  1. Weird smells
    A properly functioning heating system won’t emit any strange smells. So when you smell something weird, like rotten eggs or burning plastic, coming from your heater, it’s a sign of a problem. It could be anything from a dirty filter to a cracked heat exchanger. In any case, it’s best to call for heater repair Lindenhurst, NY right away.
  2. Loud, odd sounds
    A strange noise from your heating equipment is a definite sign of a problem. It could be anything from a loose part to a build-up of dirt and debris. Please do not ignore the problem, as it will only worsen and might even lead to a complete system breakdown.
  3. Yellow flame
    A yellow flame indicates a combustion issue. While this won’t have a massive effect on the performance of your heater, it could be a health hazard. Your heater is likely releasing carbon monoxide, a gas that could cause dizziness, chest pain, upset stomach, and confusion, to name a few. Exposure to a high concentration of CO can even cause life-threatening illnesses.
  4. High heating bills
    If your energy bills skyrocket, it’s worth checking your heating system. It may be getting less efficient, causing your utility bills to go up. Poor efficiency can be caused by several factors, from a dirty filter to dirty ducts.
  5. It’s not getting warm enough.
    This is perhaps the most obvious sign that something’s wrong with your heating system. If your heater is having trouble generating enough heat, it’s definitely time to call for heating repair services.

Should You Call For Emergency Heater Repair?

An emergency heater repair Lindenhurst, NY costs a bit more than a repair done during business hours. So those with budget restrictions are likely to avoid this service. However, there are some scenarios where it makes sense to call for an emergency repair, even if it means spending a bit more money. 

  • There are vulnerable occupants – A loss of heating can be more than just an inconvenience. In some cases, it can pose a serious health risk, particularly for young children, the elderly, and those with chronic health conditions.
  • It’s just too cold –  This is probably the most obvious reason to call for an emergency repair. If your heating system has failed and it’s freezing cold inside your home, you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible!
  • The repair can’t wait – Some repairs simply can’t wait, particularly if they’re putting your home and your family at risk. For example, if you have a gas leak, you’ll want to call for emergency repairs immediately.

Generally, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and give us a call if you’re experiencing any heating issues. We’ll be happy to assess the situation and determine whether or not an emergency repair is necessary.

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