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Is A Heat Pump System Right For My Home?

Is A Heat Pump System Right For My Home?
Besides furnaces, other popular heating systems used in residential spaces in Grand Prairie, TX are heat pumps. Unfortunately, not all homes are compatible with this system based on several factors. If you’re in the market for a heating system, here are a few questions to help you know if a heat pump is suitable for your home.

Is your home has an open floor plan?

Heat pumps work almost the same with pellet and wood stoves. Therefore, if a wood stove works suitably in your space, so will a heat pump system. An open floor plan means there are no walls, partitions, or any barriers that divide each room. If your home comes with an open floor plan, then it’s a perfect candidate for heat pumps. Homes with various small rooms connected by doors and located on the same floors are not fit.

Is your place a good location for the outdoor compressor and indoor blower?

For a heat pump to suit your home, there should be a good location for both the indoor blower and outdoor compressor.  The latter (outdoor compressor) must be attached to an outdoor wall adjacent to the ground (3 ft. wide by 3 ft. high) – ideally, an area that is safe from snow and rain. Meanwhile, the indoor blower should be in a spot of a foot high by 3 feet wide from the ceiling or an exterior wall.

Is your home properly insulated?

A properly sealed and insulated home is suitable for heat pumps. If your house has good thermal efficiency, pick a small-sized heat pump to reduce the amount of energy used while keeping your home warm or cool.

Is there enough distance or space between the indoor and outdoor units?

Before installing a heat pump, make sure there are no masonry or alike materials between the interior and exterior units. This allows the refrigerant lines to work properly.

Got Questions? Call the Experts!

When you’re shopping for a heat pump, use these questions as your guide to ensure it’s right for your home. You can also contact us at All Weather Temperature Control for questions. We’re more than glad to talk to you about your HVAC concerns in Copiague, NY.

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