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How do you know if I have poor indoor air quality? What IAQ products will improve my indoor air? Do I really need a dehumidifier? These are just some of the frequent IAQ questions our team at All Weather Temperature Control gets.

However, the most frequent of them all is the question, “what factors affect my indoor air quality?”. This is a complex question, and many factors can affect your IAQ. Only a certified indoor air quality professional in Garden City, NY, can answer that.


What are the Factors that Affect My Indoor Air Quality?


Our All Weather Temperature Control team compiled the five most common factors that can significantly impact your indoor air quality. Read on.

Indoor Plants

Not only will plants give your home or office an aesthetic look, but they can also be a great contributor to improving your indoor air quality. If you are not aware, plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, significantly improving indoor air quality. Sometimes, going for natural air cleaning is better and cheaper.

We suggest powerhouse plants, such as bamboo, aloe, mums, peace lilies, and spider plants. These plants will brighten your space and improve the indoor environment.

Pet Fur and Dander

We treat our pets not as an animal, but as a family. Although they make lives better, they can also bring harm to the quality of your indoor air. Because of their fur and dander, our pets can contribute to allergy attacks, headaches, and other respiratory problems.  

However, you can combat this problem by having regular filter replacements. Most of the time, pet dander gets clogged in air filters causing system inefficiency and poor indoor air quality.

Dust & Other Airborne Pollutants

Whenever you neglect proper dusting or vacuuming, not only will you have a nasty room, but your indoor air quality will also suffer. Along with dust, other airborne contaminants may also circulate in a dirty room. This includes dirt particles, pollen, allergens, hair, pet dander, etc.

If you have a family member who suffers from respiratory issues, such as asthma, they can certainly establish a problem for them. It is best to practice regular vacuuming, dusting, and maintenance service.

Poor HVAC Maintenance

If you neglect proper and timely HVAC maintenance service, you will be left with poor indoor air. Indoor air quality greatly relies on the current condition of your HVAC system.

If you have well-maintained HVAC equipment, expect that you will have breathable indoor air. However, if you fail to maintain them, dust, debris, allergens, etc., will be recirculated throughout your home or office. So, be sure to have them regularly maintained by reaching a professional indoor air quality in Garden City, NY.

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What our team at All Weather Temperature Control provided were just some of the several factors that could affect your indoor air quality. Keep in mind that there could be other factors. It is best to contact your local service provider of indoor air quality in Garden City, NY to have a precise assessment of your problem.

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