HVAC Safety Tips When Decorating for Halloween

HVAC Safety Tips When Decorating for Halloween
Halloween is here, and the spirit of trick-or-treat will never be complete without the creepy decor hanging in and out of your home. However, getting a ‘spooktacular’ vibe sometimes compromises your HVAC system’s safety. Keep the fun in your home this Halloween without harming your HVAC through these safety tips:

Keep Your Vent Unobstructed

The vent on your unit plays a vital role in keeping proper airflow. It needs to be opened so that the air can freely move through the ductwork. If the vent and register are blocked by fake spider webs and other Halloween decorations, your system’s performance may decline, resulting in poor airflow and higher utility costs.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Away from Decors

While it is tempting to cover the entire yard with scary decorations, it is not always the best idea to have your outdoor unit involved. Try to find a perfect spot to set up your Halloween garden—away from your outdoor unit. Tiny decor hung on trees may fall down and possibly get inside your unit, impairing the system’s performance and efficiency.

Bring the Fun Outdoors

Instead of decorating inside your home, use your porch or front yard to create a spooky spot. You may stay there the whole time with your family if the temperature is bearable. With this idea, you don’t need to constantly open and close your door once the trick-or-treaters come to grab some candies. It surely saves you energy since the heated air is kept in your home.

Keep the Candles Away from Your Unit

Candles make the Halloween eerier, don’t they? However, with your desire to create a creepy atmosphere using candles, you can harm your HVAC system. Be sure to place the candles away from your unit, flammable objects, and heat-generating appliances. If possible, use glow sticks, battery-operated candles, or a flashlight as an alternative.

Use Safety-Approved Decorative Lighting

Decorative electrical lighting is a perfect complement to those hanging pumpkins on your walkways, railings and front yard. Using it with caution is needed to prevent fire or electrical hazards, especially when placed near your outdoor unit. To ensure safety, use only the approved electrical lighting as part of your Halloween backdrop. Everyone is dreaming of making each year’s Halloween creepier by incorporating something new to their decorations. But as you explore your creativity, be sure your HVAC system’s safety is not compromised. Here at All Weather Temperature Control, we love to educate homeowners about HVAC safety and comfort. Contact us if you need help with your heating and cooling system.

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