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How to Reduce Your Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants

How to Reduce Your Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants

With the COVID-19 crisis, people are worried about their health conditions these days. The government released safety guidelines, enforcing that people stay indoors to prevent the rapid spread of the virus. But as you stay inside your home, you can also be exposed to other harmful elements that can cause health threats.

Make your living environment a safe place to stay during the pandemic with these tips:

Mind Your Filter

You may have heard this a lot of times, but changing your air filter regularly does help reduce your exposure to harmful pollutants. Newly replaced filters are known to trap unwanted dust and debris more effectively compared to the clogged ones. Be sure to check and change your air conditioner’s filter regularly.

Groom Your Furry Friends Regularly

Pet dander is one of the indoor pollutants that increase the triggers of respiratory illness. If you have dogs or cats at home, be sure to bathe them and clean their bedding regularly to reduce the allergy and asthma triggers.

Use Natural Household Cleaners

Although household cleaners effectively remove grime and dirt, they can have an impact on the quality of the air you breathe indoors. Strong chemical contents on cleaners have been linked to many respiratory problems, and this makes it essential for you to switch to natural cleaners that are safe yet effective.

Install IAQ Devices

Indoor air quality solutions such as air cleaners, humidifiers, ventilators, and UV lights are effective in reducing your exposure to pollutants and bacteria. These devices are using state-of-the-art technology to clean your indoor air, make it more comfortable to breathe, and ensure to keep your family safe 24/7. Contact your local HVAC company in New York to know what IAQ solution best fits your home.

Avoid Smoking Indoors

It’s no secret that smoking causes pollution in the air. Doing it indoors can pose health hazards to your family. If you cannot quit the habit, then have a space dedicated for smoking to avoid polluting the indoor air and affecting your family’s health.

During these difficult times, there’s no other safe place to stay than your home. Make it a place of comfort and safety for you and your family by following the tips above.

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