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How to Improve the IAQ in Your Copiague, NY Home?

How to Improve the IAQ in Your Copiague, NY Home?
Every homeowner in Copiague, NY knows that an insulated home can bring big benefits like lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills. The downside, however, is that this could lead to air quality problems as the same air tends to circulate inside your home the whole time. Good thing, you can enjoy fresh and healthy air without losing the quality of insulation in your home through indoor air quality tips and solutions from All Weather Temperature Control.

Keep Your Home Fabrics Clean

Dust mites tend to be the leading cause of poor IAQ as they linger in your bedding, curtains, and cushions and irritate your respiratory system. Be sure to clean these fabrics regularly with a low allergenic washing soap. Also, keep your furry friends off your bed sheets and sofas to minimize the hair build-up (and allergy).

Keep a Constant Flow of Air

You need to have an uninterrupted airflow to make your home comfortable and inhibit health-threatening contaminants. While opening your window is often the simplest way to do this, it can’t guarantee to improve your IAQ. Installing a whole-home humidifier in Copiague, NY is a better solution. It works by mixing your conditioned air with fresh outdoor air.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Spotless

Your air conditioning system does a big help in improving your air quality as it dries the air inside your home and refreshes the stale air. But to remove pollutants and impurities indoors, your unit needs to have a clean air filter as it operates. We suggest replacing your air filter at least once a month or whenever necessary.

Use Some Houseplants

Indoor plants such as ivy, bamboo, and others don’t just improve your home’s aesthetics. What you don’t know is, they can also help eliminate toxins from your air and provide an additional amount of oxygen indoors.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Making your home healthy for everyone isn’t just about keeping it dust-free, but also using the right cleaning products when cleaning. You may never know it, but industrial cleaning products leave a residue that might have an impact on your indoor air quality. So whenever possible, you should use all-natural cleaners like vinegar and lemon as they don’t leave toxins behind.

Talk to Our IAQ Specialists

While the mentioned steps above do a big help, it is still best to talk to the IAQ experts to completely understand the current condition of your air quality and get recommendations to improve it. Our IAQ professionals at All Weather Temperature Control will help keep all IAQ problems at bay and ensure to make your home as clean as possible. If you find our tips useful, feel free to share them with your family and friends through your social media accounts. Please talk to us for more IAQ tips like these.

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