Do You Make This Mistake When Dusting Your Home?

Do You Make This Mistake When Dusting Your Home?
Even the simplest house chore like dusting can become a disaster if not done properly. Unfortunately, many homeowners still make mistakes when dusting their homes thus, doubling their cleaning time. To pay off your dusting efforts, here are the mistakes you should avoid and things to do instead.

Two Common Dusting Mistakes

Dusting With the Wrong Tool Have you been using a feather duster for the job? You should know that it is the worst tool to use for dusting. It only fluffs the dust into the air. Use a tool that captures, holds and prevents the dust from spreading. A microfiber or an electrostatic duster will do. Dusting in the Wrong Order Even with the right tool at hand, a bit of dust may still escape from your grip. How is it possible? If you are dusting in the wrong direction, the dust only gets stirred up to settle somewhere while you are cleaning. Best Ways to Dust Your Copiague, NY Home Start Dusting From Higher Level Places Dust first the fan blades, shelves, door frames and other items in the house that are high off the ground. Collect all dust using a microfiber or damp cloth. Switch Your Thermostat’s Fan Setting to ‘ON’ With this, you are sure that the blower will keep working whether or not your system is cooling or heating your home. With the fan set to on, the blower will continue to draw in air through the return vents. The air then passes the filters and withdraws from the supply vents. During the process, airborne particles including dust will get stuck in the filters. Vacuum After Dusting Vacuum after you dust. Doing this ensures that the dust which was not caught by the air filters will get trapped in the vacuum. Follow the order for dusting for best vacuuming results. Dust Areas You Have Never Dust Before Make sure to dust all areas in the house that is within your reach, especially in areas you have never dust before. Keep the HVAC fans running while dusting. Turn Your Fan Setting Back to ‘AUTO’ Once you are done, do not forget to turn the fan setting back to ‘cool’ or ‘heat.’ Remember that the blower is not meant to be left on all the time because it can run up your energy costs. Your indoor air quality is an essential part of a healthy life. Take note of these tips to avoid the mistakes of dusting. Call us at All Weather Temperature Control for more tips and IAQ solutions.

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