Do Humidifiers Really Help Asthma?

Do Humidifiers Really Help Asthma?
Individuals with asthma know exactly how important it is to have a healthy and clean indoor air. While this chronic condition is only treatable with doctor-prescribed measures, there are several benefits that humidifiers offer to asthma-afflicted people.

How Do Humidifiers Alleviate Asthma Symptoms?

Severe attacks of asthma can cause breathing difficulty due to restricted and inflamed airways. With a humidifier, symptoms of asthma can be controlled, and the occurrence of asthma attacks can be limited. By soothing the common problems associated with dry indoor air like dry sinuses, nose, and throat, an asthmatic individual can breathe with ease and comfort. Humidifiers are a great relief for asthmatic people as they deliver moist air suitable to your desired home temperature. Keeping a humid, clean and healthy indoor atmosphere is as effective as taking over-the-counter medications for asthma. If you are suffering from asthma, a humidifier can help you breathe easy without worrying about prescription and dosages.

Getting the Right Model of Humidifier For Your Home

Humidifiers are available in different models and features. When looking for one that best suits your comfort needs, it is important to research for the numerous vapor delivery methods. Below are some of the common types of humidifiers that are fit for asthmatic individuals.
  • Warm Mist Vaporizer

This type of humidifier creates steam that is slightly heavier yet, not as hot as expected. Warm mist vaporizer works best when paired with your heating or central A/C system especially when the humidity level fit your indoor temperature.
  • Cool Mist Humidifier

This electric device is available in various models including a fan system and rotating disk. It diffuses mist into the air. Some models are equipped with ultrasonic frequencies that vibrate the water into smaller and less heavy particles. Because it doesn’t use any heating element, cool mist humidifiers consume significantly less energy.
  • Steam Vaporizer

Steam humidifiers produce steam by heating the water until it boils. The steam is then vented into different rooms. They are effective humidifiers for asthmatic people who prefer a warmer, humid indoor environment. The only downside is that they require proper and regular maintenance. The efficiency of these humidifiers depends on different factors such as your desired temperature, size of the room, installation, and maintenance. Be sure to get one that is most suitable for your needs. Contact us at All Weather Temperature Control, Inc., for recommendations and practical advice when buying humidifiers.

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