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Debunking the Common Air Conditioning Myths

Debunking the Common Air Conditioning Myths

You’ve probably read or heard some tips and tricks that claim to cut your cooling costs and provide you with better comfort. Are they really helpful or are they just dirty hoaxes? Let’s find out! All Weather Temperature Control will debunk some of the common air conditioning myths you’ve come across with. Read up to know the truth!

Air filters should be replaced once every six months

That’s a big NO! Air filters play a crucial role in keeping your home’s indoor air healthy and extending your unit’s service life. How can your filter do its job properly when it is clogged with dirt? Dirty filters have a negative impact on your home and unit, so be sure to change them at least once every month—and not once every six months.

Setting your thermostat too low can increase comfort
This is not true! Setting your thermostat’s temperature too low doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t increase your comfort. Instead, it only increases your utility bills and causes your unit to fail. Remember, your air conditioning is designed to cool down your home, not to freeze it. Be sure to find the most comfortable temperature setting for your home without stressing your A/C.

Run your A/C in full blast all day even if you’re away
Cooling your home using the normal temperature setting when no one is around doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you’re afraid that the air will turn out stuffy or hot when you arrive. Don’t worry! There’s a trick! Use a programmable thermostat! It allows you to set your temperature at a given time without having to deal with annoying spikes in energy bill.

Closing vents in unoccupied rooms will make other rooms cooler
If you think this will give other rooms (you often use) the chance to become cooler, think again. Instead of moving the air into the rooms where it can be used, it will just bounce back and stay in your duct. You’re literally paying to keep your ductwork cold. Closing your vent even forces your compressor to operate harder, resulting in costly damage in your unit.

Regular A/C maintenance is just another expense
Paying for preventive A/C maintenance might cost you money. That’s true! But did you know what’s more costly? It’s when your unit prematurely breaks down. When this happens, you have two choices: replace your unit or pay for extensive repairs. Whatever you choose, a large amount of money is involve—much larger than the cost of annual A/C maintenance. Think about it! Protect your investment by implementing proper care of your unit. Talk to the experts who know your air conditioning unit best to get tips and recommendations. Contact All Weather Temperature Control today!

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