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An AC Maintenance Guide For Homeowners

AC maintenance in Lindenhurst, NY

Some homeowners only pay attention to their air conditioning system when it malfunctions or stops working. However, this practice often puts their unit at risk of needing a more extensive and expensive repair. By the time they call a technician to inspect and address whatever prevents the system from performing at its best, the problem is already major and costly to fix.

That’s why routine AC maintenance in Lindenhurst, NY is crucial. It’s recommended to schedule this service at least once a year. With a yearly tune-up, any unit issue will be detected and repaired early before it becomes a bigger problem. 

If you are ready to provide your unit with the TLC it needs, this blog is for you. We’ll discuss below some maintenance tasks you can handle yourself, what’s included in a professional AC maintenance service, and the benefits of the service.

DIY AC Maintenance

AC maintenance in Lindenhurst, NY involves many things, such as complete system inspection, system cleaning, topping off refrigerant, drainage cleaning, etc. So it’s always recommended to hire an AC maintenance service to guarantee everything is done properly.

Nevertheless, there are several things you can handle yourself. These tasks are not rocket science. You don’t need special tools or in-depth HVAC knowledge; you only need to invest time and effort in the process. 

Cleaning or changing the air filter

Not all air filters can last all year long. Some are only good for 30 days or 90 days. And if you have pets at home, you might need to replace them more frequently. The good news is that air filter cleaning/replacing is something you can do yourself. You don’t necessarily need to hire an expert in AC maintenance in Lindenhurst, NY. But you have to familiarize yourself with the following:

  • The type of air filter your unit uses
  • Where the air filter in your air conditioner is located
  • How to get the filter out and in
  • Signs the filter needs cleaning/replacement

Making sure the air filter has a clean air filter is important in maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioner. A dirty or blocked air filter will restrict airflow and make the AC work harder to cool down your home – resulting in higher energy bills.

Cleaning the condenser

The condenser is responsible for releasing heat into the air outdoors. It is usually installed outdoors, where it is exposed to elements. Its job is to take the heat from the refrigerant and release it into the air. As the condenser releases heat, the refrigerant inside of it becomes cooler. This process happens over and over again, and it’s how your AC unit keeps your home cool.

The problem is that the condenser can get dirty, and when it does, it doesn’t work as efficiently. A dirty condenser is one of the most common reasons for AC problems. So pay attention to this component; get rid of leaves, twigs, or anything that might be blocking airflow. If there is foliage near the unit, make sure to trim them. Don’t go any further than that if you don’t have any skill and experience in AC maintenance in Lindenhurst, NY.

Straightening the bent fins

Do you see thin metal slats running along the outline of your condenser? That part of your AC is called fins. Fins help to dissipate heat, and they are very fragile. If the fins get bent, it will restrict airflow and make your AC work less efficiently.

You can use a fin comb to fix this issue. A fin comb is a simple tool you can purchase online or at your local hardware store. It straightens out the fins without damaging them.

Removing obstructions in the vents

Your air conditioner has return and supply registers – they are what suck air and blow the conditioned air inside your space. They often get obstructed, often unintentionally. They might be curtains in front of the vents, couches, or furniture. So make sure you remove or move them to other areas, so the vents stay clear of anything that could restrict airflow.

Another thing – don’t close the vents in unoccupied rooms. It’s a common mistake people make thinking they can save energy by doing so when in reality, it puts more strain on the system and could lead to compressor failure. So keep all vents open, regardless of whether the room is in use or not.

Other than these tasks, it is always best to consult a professional for your AC maintenance needs in Lindenhurst, NY. Trying to handle other HVAC maintenance tasks without the right tools, knowledge, and experience can put you and your AC unit at risk. Plus, it voids the warranty of your AC unit. So if you want to be on the safe side, schedule a professional AC maintenance service at least once a year.

What’s Included in Professional AC Maintenance?

What’s included in AC maintenance service in Lindenhurst, NY will vary depending on the company that you hire, but there are some common elements that most services will include. 

System inspection

An AC maintenance service should always start with thoroughly inspecting your air conditioning unit. The technician will check all of the major components of your AC unit, including the compressor, coolant levels, and condenser coils. 


Cleaning is already mentioned in the above list of tasks you can handle yourself. But your unit has many other parts aside from the air filter and condenser. They are much harder to clean and require special tools, so they are taken care of by experts. In the case of the air filter and condenser, your AC maintenance technician in Lindenhurst, NY will still clean them as needed.


Lubrication is an important part of keeping your unit running smoothly. All the moving parts in your AC unit need to be properly lubricated to function correctly and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Refrigerant recharge

The technicians will usually check whether your unit still has sufficient refrigerant. The right amount of refrigerant is essential for your system to function properly. If there isn’t enough, the technicians will top it off.


AC service technicians will also calibrate the thermostat as needed. If it’s not, your unit will have trouble maintaining a consistent temperature. This can lead to your unit working harder than necessary and increasing your energy bills. 

Unclogging the drainage

Your air conditioner comes with a drain line, which helps remove water from the unit. Over time, this line can become clogged with dirt, debris, algae, etc. If this happens, your system will start to leak water, which can cause serious damage. A professional  AC maintenance in Lindenhurst, NY will clear out the drainage line to prevent this from happening. 

Checking for leaks

Your air conditioner can leak water, refrigerant, and air. All of these leaks can lead to serious problems, so they must be fixed as soon as possible. During an AC maintenance service, the technician will check for any leaks and repair them if necessary. 

Tightening loose electrical connections

All of the electrical connections in your AC unit will be checked and tightened as needed. Loose electrical connections can cause all sorts of problems, including fires.  

To know what exactly is included in the service or plan you sign up for, ask your prospective provider. 

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With preventative AC maintenance in Lindenhurst, NY, you can expect the following:

  1. Lower energy bills – Your air conditioning system won’t consume more electricity as needed so that you can save money on your energy bills.
  2. Fewer repairs – By keeping your AC unit in good condition, you can avoid sudden and expensive repairs.
  3. Improved system performance – Regular tune-ups will help your AC unit function at its peak performance.
  4. Longer system service life – With proper maintenance, your air conditioner will last longer and serve you well for many years.

All Weather Temperature Control is your one-stop shop for HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

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