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It depends on your definition of “common,” but it probably has something to do with air filter problems. These are the most common diagnosis complaints we hear, mainly due to poor maintenance habits.

So be sure to schedule a prompt HVAC maintenance service to ensure overall system efficiency. In addition, if you have recently replaced your A/C unit’s filters, be sure they’re at least of equal quality. Replacing cheap filters with super cheap ones isn’t going to save you any money.

Yes! If your system is particularly loud, we recommend that you replace all of its sound insulation panels and pads with newer and better-quality ones.


Not only will this help reduce the number of mechanical noises heard throughout the house, but it will also help keep down any outdoor sounds from coming indoors as well (such as traffic, lawn care tools, and barking dogs).

One easy way to identify the frequency of filter replacement is to check your air filters monthly. By this, depending on how dirty your filters are, you should be able to gauge whether it needs replacement.

If you want your thermostats to be set and forget it (or at least make their adjustments automatically), we recommend installing them in the central area of the home or office.


Once this threshold has been reached, all HVAC units will activate until the desired temperature for this “home zone” has been met. While it may take time before you get used to these new climate conditions, subsequent energy bills are sure to give you reason enough to keep them where they are!