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During summer, many people enjoy the heat after the long, frigid winter. However, summer is much easier to enjoy if you can come back to a cool and comfortable home environment.

Without a fully functioning A/C unit, you won’t have the level of comfort you need indoors.

3 Signs Your A/C Needs Repair

At some point in the service life of your unit, it will encounter some operational problems. What are these issues and how will you know it’s there? Keep reading to learn more!

Do You Have High Cooling Costs?

During the summer season, our A/C unit tends to consume much more energy. When this happens, we can wind up spending a lot more to maintain a cool and comfortable home environment.

With that, if you have been using your A/C unit, then this also means that you are quite familiar with how much your cooling bills generally cost. If you suddenly notice a big spike in electricity bills, there could be an underlying problem that needs expert attention.

Contact your local A/C repair technician in Garden City, NY to have your unit inspected.

Do You Hear Unusual Sounds?

A/C units are designed to have minimal operation sounds to provide maximum comfort. However, when your A/C unit is a bit loud when it operates, then there could be a problem with your cooling equipment.

Although you can hear the compressor kicks whenever you turn on your equipment, your outdoor or condenser unit should be relatively quiet. The air that passes through your ducts with the help of an air handler should be relatively quiet as well.

What you should not hear, though, are the unusual sounds, such as grinding, grating, screeching, or squealing sounds. There could be a loose part in the A/C unit, misplaced or worn belts, or even refrigerant leaks. Any unusual sounds should be diagnosed immediately by a certified A/C repair company in Garden City, NY.

Is Your System Blowing Warm Air?

You’ll know exactly when something is wrong with your air conditioner, especially when it’s blowing warm instead of cool air.

There are several possible reasons why your A/C unit blows warm air. This includes the following:

• Leaky ductwork that is inviting hot air into your system

• A tripped breaker that caused your condenser unit to stop working

• Your system is leaking refrigerant which needs expert attention

Neglecting these problems on your A/C will only make the problem worse. Be sure to report these issues to your trusted HVAC contractor for appropriate solutions.

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