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In order to keep your air conditioner running properly, it is crucial to have routine maintenance performed. This service includes cleaning the coils and drain line, checking the refrigerant levels, and many other tasks. 


At All Weather Temperature Control, we are dedicated to providing premier A/C maintenance in Syosset. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your air conditioner runs properly and efficiently.

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How to Keep Your A/C Air Filter Clean?


The air filter in your A/C unit is one of the most critical parts of the system. A clean filter ensures that your A/C system runs efficiently and effectively, while a dirty filter can cause your equipment to overwork and break down. You definitely don’t want the latter, so follow these tips:


Inspect The Air Filter Often


The first step is to keep an eye on the air filter. Once every month or so, take a look at the air filter and see how dirty it is. If it’s only slightly dusty, then you’re good to go. However, if the air filter is filthy, then it’s time to clean it. It’s a task you can easily do in-between visits from your professional A/C maintenance tech in Syosset.


Cleaning The Air Filter


You can clean the air filter by taking it out of the A/C unit and giving it a good shake. Make sure to turn the system off before doing anything. Alternatively, you can vacuum it off with a soft brush attachment. Once you’ve removed all the dirt and dust from the air filter, put it back in the A/C unit and turn it on.


The frequency of air filter cleaning will depend on various factors, such as the type of filter you have, the number of pollutants present in your home, and the health condition of the people living in it. 


Replacing The Air Filter


Not all types of air filters can be used multiple times. If you have a disposable air filter, it’s best to replace it entirely when it gets dirty. On the other hand, if you have a reusable air filter, you can simply clean it off and put it back in the A/C unit.


Keep The Air Ducts Clean As Well!


In addition to keeping the air filter clean, it’s also essential to keep the air ducts clean. This is because the air ducts are what carry the air from the A/C unit into your home. If they’re dirty, that means that dirty air is circulated throughout your home. 


Air duct cleaning can be a complex task, which is why it’s best to hire a licensed HVAC technician to clean the ducts. A reputable HVAC company will use top-notch equipment and safe products in the process. 


Air filter cleaning and replacement is often included in A/C maintenance service. So if you want to keep your air filter and your entire unit clean, don’t forget to schedule a tune-up.


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