Superior A/C Maintenance Service in Massapequa, NY

AC Maintenance Service Massapequa

Over time, dust and debris can gather on internal components of your unit which can affect its operation. The good news is that performing regular maintenance may only take an hour or two of your time per year.

All Weather Temperature Control provides reliable A/C maintenance during the unforgiving summer days and nights. Our licensed A/C technicians are always ready to serve you to ensure that your cooling system is always good regardless of make and model. For any A/C maintenance in Massapequa, NYcontact us today.

AC Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

The efficiency of your entire system can be improved with a little tender loving care. Cleaning the filters, fins and coils will contribute to its overall performance as well!

Proper A/C maintenance provides significant benefits for homeowners because it’s not easy dealing with an inefficient or damaged air conditioning unit which results in compromised comfort levels among other things.

But by keeping up on these simple tasks regularly you’ll find yourself enjoying better AC operation every year.

Here are the simple maintenance tips that you can do: while waiting for the experts to arrive:

Clean and Replace Air Filters

A clean air filter will cool down your house, and a dirty one can make it worse. You’re A/C unit needs to be tuned up often, so remember that if you don’t see any dust bunnies in the springtime then there’s probably an issue with its filters.

Cleaning the air filters once a month or every cooling season reduces the possibility of a malfunctioning unit. Clogged and dirty filters may prevent normal airflow, which will lead to an incompetent system operation.

If the normal airflow is blocked, filters can carry the dirt into the other areas within the unit. As a result, the coil won’t be able to absorb heat properly. Air filters need to be replaced every two to three months to keep your air conditioning system in good shape — contact an expert HVAC technician in Massapequa, NY for any filter replacement service.

Check the Coils

After several months of using your air conditioner, the evaporator and condensing coils have most likely accumulated dust and dirt. Having a clean filter will avoid a soiling evaporator coil. However, there are still chances that the coil will continue to collect the dirt around. The absorption of heat is significantly affected when the dirt starts to stick into the evaporator.

Condenser coils are easily seen, so there’s no reason to overlook its maintenance. Falling leaves, dryer vents, and a lawnmower are the possible causes of debris and dirt.



Assess the Coil Fins

Since the fins on the evaporator coils and condenser can be bent easily. They can also block normal airflow. You can purchase a fin comb to bring back the appropriate position of the fins. 

Check Window Seals

Be sure to check the designated position of the seal between an air conditioner and window frame. They must touch the metal case of the A/C unit. If moisture caused damage on the seal, cold air would escape your home. Don’t also forget to let the clean air in when your air-conditioning system is not in use. 

With proper AC maintenance, your system will work smoothly and efficiently for a long span of time is also the best way to ensure that your AC will have a longer life.

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