On-Point From Start to Finish - A/C Installation in Massapequa, NY

AC installation Massapequa

When it comes to A/C installation in Massapequa, NY, we don’t cut corners to provide you top-notch services that will be worth the buck. Apart from having experts in the team, we also believe in providing our customers that a red carpet experience from start to finish.


With our 30 years of industry experience, we are a reputable and trusted leader that you can count on for your air conditioning needs.


Steps Involved in A/C Installation


Being aware of the process involved in air conditioning installation helps you understand the process involved with an otherwise very technical installation process. Here’s what to expect:


  • Home Estimate. During the estimate, your existing A/C unit would be checked, then information will be collected to provide a more comprehensive proposal. Having complete information about the project would help you determine whether specialized equipment would be necessary.
  • Team Arrival and Start of Installation Process. Upon our installation team’s arrival, we will provide you a packet that has the project details outlined. This will have the following information: accessories, equipment, plus other instructions. You will then review the job details. The team now prepares the needed equipment and tools to ensure successful A/C installation. This is now the time to ask questions or probe further on more information about the job.
  • Removal of Existing Air Conditioner.The circuit breaker must be turned off before doing any work on your air conditioning system. A recovery machine and tank safely remove the old refrigerant before replacing it with a new one. Our professional technicians have an EPA certification that allows them to handle refrigerants in accord with the law safely.


After removing the refrigerant, the electrical wiring is disconnected from the A/C. There is a disconnect box near your air conditioning system that allows you to safely shut down your A/C unit in case of an emergency.


The disconnect and the whip should also be replaced to fit the new air conditioning system. If your old air conditioning system does not have a disconnect box, then a new one would be installed with the new A/C. Once all connections are removed, the old air conditioning unit can now be safely removed by the new air conditioner.


  • Set Up the Air Conditioning Space. New pads are placed to serve as a cushion for the new A/C system. Before this, the ground must also be leveled using a gravel base. A composite pad is recommended to be set outside. This is better than using a concrete pad because it does an excellent job of absorbing vibrations from the A/C units, minimizing the shaking and noise.
  • Installation of New Air Conditioning Unit. Now, your new air conditioner is installed and positioned at the right location.   
  • Testing Process.Once A/C is fully installed, the system is then turned on and allowed to run for at least 20 minutes. This will test the entire flow of the system. It also starts the air conditioning process. The house should be hot upon the start of the testing phase.
  • Clean-up Process.All materials plus the old A/C unit would now be loaded and taken out of your home. Floor protection is taken out last to ensure that your floor is free from any dirt or debris from the installation procedure. The area is cleaned up by the team and left precisely in the same condition upon arrival.
  • Walkthrough Process and Job Completion.You will be briefed on the entire installation procedure, plus instructed with maintenance, warranty, safety, and other special instructions regarding your newly installed A/C. Visual inspection is also done.

At All Weather Temperature Control, we have the pros of ensuring we are on top of the A/C installation in Massapequa, NY—from ideation to execution. Call us at (631) 842-8777 to schedule appointments. We are not here for a quick buck but maintain solid and rewarding business relationships with our customers in Massapequa, NY, and surrounding areas.