Reliable A/C Installation Service in Garden City, NY

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Does your space get too hot in the summer? Or your existing air conditioning unit is approaching the end of its lifespan? Whatever your situation is, you can always rely on All Weather Temperature Control for A/C installation in Garden City, NY.


All Weather Temperature Control has been providing a wide array of HVAC solutions, including but not limited to A/C installation, repair, and maintenance in Long Island. Our team takes pride in our prompt and professional services. Furthermore, we take energy efficiency seriously. You can trust our techs to help you find the right energy-efficient system for your home. 


If you can’t decide whether to hire an expert or not, we’ve listed below things that could go wrong when you leave the installation task to non-professionals. 


Commonly Committed A/C Installation Mistakes

It’s okay to make mistakes; we’re just mere humans after all. The important thing is to learn from those mistakes and not commit the same error more than once, especially if associated with A/C installation. Or you can study the mistakes committed by other individuals so you can avoid them. Better yet, just leave the installation tasks to our pros.


Installing a wrong-sized A/C

Some DIYers may believe that the bigger their A/C system, the better it is. But in reality, a system that is too big for a given space can cause more harm than good. They won’t run long enough to start the dehumidification process, resulting in the moisture-laden cool air that may feel uncomfortable.

Other consequences of an oversized A/C system are short-cycling and higher energy bills. To ensure you get the right A/C, seek help from A/C installation experts in Garden City, NY.


Wrong thermostat placement

Non-professional individuals may place the thermostat just anywhere. But thermostats need to be positioned strategically. Otherwise, the device may not be able to read the temperature accurately and fail to perform its functions effectively. Specifically, thermostats must not be placed in areas with direct sunlight or near windows and doors. 


No ceiling saver

If the air conditioning unit is installed in the attic, a ceiling saver is necessary. When you install your cooling system in the attic, and the drainage pipes get damaged, water will leak and can cause damage in the ceiling. Worst-case scenario, you may need ceiling restoration. But with a ceiling saver, this problem can be avoided. This drip pan will collect any water and drain it away through the drain hose.

Not enough clearance distances 

Airflow plays a crucial role in the operation of your A/C. When the airflow is blocked, the A/C’s operating cost will increase while the system’s life will shorten. The rule of thumb is to maintain at least 2 feet distance between your A/C compressor or condenser unit and any obstruction such as wall, fence, or shrub. 


Trust All Weather Temperature Control for your A/C Installation Needs in Garden City, NY.

When it comes to A/C installation, no one does better than experienced pros. With our team, you can avoid the mistakes mentioned above and any other consequences of improper installation. We promise to install your AC properly the first time so you can enjoy a comfortable space right away. 


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