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6 Safety Tips When Using Portable Space Heaters

6 Safety Tips When Using Portable Space Heaters
It’s true that spaces heaters are cost-effective and convenient to use. However, you need to bear in mind a few safety measures when it is at work. Learn how to safely use your space heaters with these (6) home safety tips from All Weather Temperature Control.

6 Safety Tips

  1. Pick the Best Location

Space heaters are portable heating units that you can move from one position to another. But, be sure to choose the best location to place or install it. While some models are designed for wall installation, others require more space for topmost operation. Keep it distant (at least 3 feet away) from other stuff in the room like furniture, appliances, and other flammable objects.
  1. Turn Off If Not In Use

Make sure to unplug or turn off the heater before bedtime or before leaving the house. For more convenience, you can opt for models that come with programmable features which allow you to schedule on and off times automatically.
  1. Avoid Any Water Sources

Beware of any water sources when running your space heater. Do not place in humid or damp areas at home, such as bathroom, kitchen or basement. Most importantly, do not touch it with wet hands to prevent electric shock.
  1. Plug the Heater Into an Outlet

Your space heater requires sufficient voltage capacity when plugged in an electrical source. Avoid using extension cords because it increases the chances of electrical shock, overheating, and fire. Always plug it directly into an outlet.
  1. While the Heater is On, Do Not Run Multiple Appliances

When your space heater is at use, avoid running multiple high-voltage appliances simultaneously.  Plug in other appliances one at a time as much as possible. This helps prevent the risk of circuit overload and fire.
  1. Call for a Routine Inspection and Maintenance

To secure your family’s safety at all times, be sure to schedule a regular check-up and maintenance on your space heater and other heating systems. A routine inspection is necessary to determine existing and potential problems in the system; thus, preventing high repair costs in the future. Let the experts do the dirty work of inspecting and cleaning your heating unit. Accidents may happen in the most unexpected time, but there are steps you can take in advance to lessen the probability.  For a fire-safe and accident-proof residential space in Copiague, NY, contact us at All Weather Temperature Control, Inc. today!

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