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5 Tips for End-of-Summer A/C Maintenance

5 Tips for End-of-Summer A/C Maintenance
The new season has set in, and the humid and sticky summer is over. Yes, it’s fall season once again, and it means that you’ll be using your A/C less. But does this also mean you can completely ignore your system? If you want to ensure your A/C is in good condition before it sits idle in the long cold months, then consider these five end-of-summer A/C maintenance tips:

Replace the Air Filter

Changing the filter ensures the maximum efficiency of your A/C. Be sure to do it before you completely turn off your unit in the fall or winter. You surely hate seeing too much dirt on your unit, so changing its filter is necessary. Your unit will be happy, and you can make sure it is blowing fresh air for your next use.

Remove Trash around the System

Take time to check your outdoor unit and see if grass and bushes have crowded it. Too much obstruction can cause problems in its operation, resulting in an early system breakdown and poor comfort. Clear out the area before the season ends to bring back the performance of your air conditioning unit.

Clean the Coils and Condensate Lines

Your condensate lines and coils can become clogged when you run your unit in full blast, causing problems in your outdoor unit. You can remove the clogs using a hose but if you’re looking for a better result, it is best to contact the experts for complete inspection and cleaning of your unit.

Give Your Unit a Visual Inspection

If you notice strange sounds or odors, don’t let the summer end without knowing the root cause. You should look for wiring problems like frayed connections from animals in the unit. Also, you should check for damaged parts and have them fixed immediately.

Schedule Your Maintenance and Furnace Check

Many homeowners have discovered the value of scheduling an end-of-summer A/C and furnace maintenance at the same time. It gives them peace of mind knowing their units are cleaned and all set for the next season. It also saved them from the seasonal rush since HVAC pros tend to get really busy during the summer season. Just because the summer ends doesn’t mean you can completely ignore your A/C. Schedule your end-of-summer maintenance with All Weather Temperature today and get your unit ready for the next year’s heatwave.

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