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5 Issues Caused by Dry Winter Air in Your Copiague, NY Home

5 Issues Caused by Dry Winter Air in Your Copiague, NY Home
The winter brings cold and dry air—it’s no secret for many homeowners in Copiague, NY. Ignoring dry indoor air in the cold season can cause harm to you and your family, and even to your property. Read on to know the four problems caused by dry indoor air in the winter and how you can get around them.

Skin Irritation

Lack of humidity in your home can cause your skin to dry out. You may experience flaking, itching, and painful cracks on your skin. Additionally, it may cause chapping of lips and tightness around the joint. People with eczema or acne who continuously expose themselves to dry air can make the skin problem get worse. Avoid all these problems by humidifying your indoor air properly.

Respiratory Problems

Your nose and throat are lined with moisture membranes. They are responsible for capturing bacteria, viruses, and dirt that might get inside your lungs. If these membranes lose sufficient moisture because of dry air in your home, they can’t capture harmful particles properly. Consequently, the dirt may reach your lungs, causing health-related issues. You may use a humidifier to keep the right amount of moisture in your air.

Breathing Difficulty

Dry indoor air can cause unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms, including dryness, itching, and irritation to your nasal passages. Although these symptoms don’t usually create a painful sensation, they can cause nosebleeds when you continuously expose yourself to dry air for a longer period. Start creating a safe and comfortable breathing environment by humidifying your indoor air today.

Damage Your Property

Dry air can also affect objects in your home. Your musical instrument might lose their shape and tune when exposed to dry air. Your wooden fixtures might bend and crack as well. Paper objects, like artworks, magazines, and books can become warped and wrinkled. With the right humidity level, you can protect all these valuable belongings in your home.

The Occurrence of Static Electricity

Dry indoor air can cause static electricity to build up. When this happens, your clothes, blankets, and other household fabrics may stick together and worse, cause painful electric shocks when you touch metal objects in your home. Having enough moisture in the air can dissipate the electricity before it builds up. Installing a humidifier can help solve this problem. The dropping temperature can make the winter harsh. Contact us at All Weather Temperature Control and our IAQ specialists will provide solutions to all your dry indoor air issues.

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