April 28, 2020

5 Energy-Saving Tips That Will Help You Cool Home This Summer

5 Energy-Saving Tips To Help Cool Your Home This Summer
You might be fed up seeing your energy bills increasing month after month. Don’t fret! We’ve got interesting ideas and tips to cool your head, rather your Copiague, NY home this summer. Let’s take a look at these easy ways to save energy in summer without taking off a portion of your overall comfort.

Quit Cooling Your Outdoors

Your air conditioning system is supposed to cool the indoors, not the outdoors. While you were trying to figure out the reason why your house isn’t cooling, your energy bills might be starting to go up due to air leaks. Poor insulation and air leakage on the attic, ductwork, windows, and other areas of the house cause the conditioned air to leak and cool the outdoors instead. Keep the cool air indoors and cut down your cooling bills by working on drafts and reinforcing insulation on certain areas of the house including the walls and attic.

Run Your Ceiling Fans

Because it is not advisable to keep your air conditioner running 24/7, you can count on your ceiling fans to give cool and comfort. While your A/C is turned off, you can enjoy sitting under the breeze of your ceiling fans. Using the ceiling fans as an alternative to air conditioners can help save bucks of dollars on your cooling bills.

Upgrade to Smart Thermostat

Your out-dated thermostat might be the reason why you have high energy bills. In this case, it must be time to upgrade to a smart thermostat. The good thing about a smart thermostat is that it automatically reads and senses your indoor temperature. If adjustments are needed, you can rely on it to make changes on its own. Switching to smart thermostat makes it easier for you to operate and adjust the settings of your cooling system through your smartphone.

Close Curtains and Blinds

You’re making a big mistake for closing the windows but leaving the blinds and curtains open while your cooling system is running. Doing this won’t only heat your home but also make you feel warmer than normal. While using your air conditioning unit, it is recommended to close all exits and entrances of air to prevent air leaks.

Don’t Set the Temperature Too Low

During summer, it is advisable to set your thermostat at least 15 degrees higher than your usual setting. Doing this can save 10% on your monthly bills. Remember that the thermostat setting matters to how your air conditioner gives off cool air. Make the most of your hard-earned dollars this summer with these energy-saving tips from All Weather Temperature Control, Inc. Whenever you need expert advice on using your cooling and heating systems properly; we can lend a hand. Call us today!